Newsletter November

Dear CriticalTechies,

autumn is upon us and the days are getting shorter – just when the circumstances force us to move social activities into cyberspace yet again. But no worries! We are working hard on another round of online events to bring us together and discuss things we are passionate about!

Our next event is coming up already next Friday! What could be a more fitting date than Black Friday to talk about repairing and the life cycle of electronic devices? We are joined by Jessika from RepairCafe/Lund University – join us as we try to figure out: What can we as consumers do to improve the sustainability of electronic devices? Sign up at our host FooCafe:

What we have been up to

There are of course so many interesting topics to dive into. Maybe you have something that you would like to share and discuss within criticalTech meetups? Please get in touch with us!

We have recently been reaching out to organize meetups around the intersection between technology & sustainability. We have had very positive responses and learned a lot about individuals and projects that address issues concerning sustainability & tech. One very exciting initiative we learned about are RepairCafes which can even be found in our region of choice, Malmö: . RepairCafes are a place for the curious to bring their broken electronics to: with a bit of support and the right tools, you just might breath new life into a written-off device! This communial and pragmatic approach to reducing the impact of our electronics really spoke to us! That is why we invited our conversation partner, Jessika, to join us on our first event related to sustainability next Friday (see link above)! :) Also definately worth mentioning: CircleCenterLund: where you can share “goods, skills and ideas”!

If you know or are involved in similar initiatives, please get in touch, we would love to hear more!

On another subject, Diana has had a call with someone who reached out to her after finding a recording of a critical tech talk addressing image-based abuse, also widely known as revenge porn. A while back she and one of the former co-organizer did a talk how GDPR can help victims of image-based abuse. The call was just to exchange about her past research on interpersonal cybercrime and victimization. Physical and psychological consequences are often overlooked when measuring victimization.

On a privacy related matter, Hanno has been looking into options to store data online with trustworthy parties that are not out to turn one’s private data into advertisement money. Two particular promising options so far are FriPost ( and TheGoodCloud ( Hanno also recently wrote a personal account on the transition away from Google’s services to more open and free alternatives:

For Halloween, Diana was invited to fill the evening with some “stories” about the dark side of the internet, namely the dark web at a local business called NordAxon. As it turns out, it is not as scary as one might think! Because by using the Tor service, it doesn’t mean one does something illegal, it only means that you want to browse and share files anonymously! How it is used (or misused) is up to the invidual users.

Events we would like to recommend:

Interesting reads & sounds:

That’s it from us this time! Hope to hear from you or see you on one of the next events!

Best wishes and stay safe,

Diana & Hanno