Do you know your IoT footprint?

Where: Foo Cafe, sign-up via

When: Wed 22 Mar 2017 at 17.30 (Malmö/Stockholm time)

Sensors are being installd in more and more places, they are small and you might not even know that you are being registered. Data about you will be collected in more ways than you can imagine, and sometimes the data can give more personal information about you than you or the owner of the device had anticipated. Come and hear Johan talk about information revealed from the simplest of sensors that may be on the edge of what you want people to know. He will also give you an overview of where the technology is today and share some of the other leasons learnd while working with IoT devices.

Speaker: Johan Broddfelt ( works as a consultant and develops business applications.

Sponsor: Front IT

Outline of this evening:

5:30 Meet & greet

5:45 Farnaz introduces critical tech real quick

5:55 Sponsor Front IT

6:00 Johan presents IoT - whats on the market, how does that effect us? Are we aware of the power IoT has?

6:40 Pizza & beer

7:00 live demo

7:20 Mingle

8:00 The end

[Important]: Please review your RSVP status 48 hours before and make sure you can attend to the event if you RSVP-ed.


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