Digitizing the legal industry; Meetup and Panel Discussion at MINC!

Where: Minc Malmö, sign-up via meetup.com

When: Tue 20 Mar 2018 at 17.00 (Malmö/Stockholm time)

Hi all! This coming event is a featured event between Critical Tech and LegalTek, at MINC. It is time to dig into the challenges of legal digitization and discuss how the field of legal services can develop aligned with other industries, using AI, machine learning and brilliant minds. Come by Minc on the 20th of March and learn about the status and development of the legal industry and the challenges we’re about to overcome to create solid and useful legal services! Sign up via this link and please attend the Meetup: https://legaltek.nu/#events

Agenda Key-note speaker: Charlotta Kronblad (PhD student in LegalTech at Chalmers). Charlotta will provide a background which panelists can affect upon. She will describe the main problems in the legal sector today and how these could be solved (at least partly) by LegalTech. She will also touch upon how clients would profit from the increased use of LegalTech, and illustrate what prevents the legal sector from digitizing already today.

Following Charlotta, we will host two panel debates (approx. 20 minutes each). All will be in English and moderated by Astrid Dahlberg from InsideScandinavianBusiness.com.

Panel 1: Market pressures and drivers for change • Tabitha Cooper - Nordea Group Digital • Carl-Johan Bune - In-house counsel at Tetra Pak Digitization and Automation. • Sophia Lagerholm - Head of Knowledge Management, Delphi • Ulf Lindén - Co-founder of LegalWorks

Panel 2: Opportunities and challenges

• Daniel Persson - Head of B2B Min Doktor • Rik Nauta - Founder Donna • Christina Blomkvist - Founder GreenCounsel and co-founder INIRES • Sissela Engquist - Lawyer at Intellectual Property firm Invent Horizon IP

Doors open at 17 so please be there in good time. Finally, please spread the event and ask people to get tickets for free at the link https://legaltek.nu/#events. We look forward to seeing you at Legaltek on the 20th of March! //CT

• Important to know Don’t forget to get tickets (they are free, but we need to know the number of attendees) at this link: https://legaltek.nu/#events


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