My computer. my phone. my data. Let's talk about messengers!

event image: keys arranged in the shape of a lock

Where: Online, sign-up via (or contact us directly for the link)

When: Wed 9 Jun 2021 at 20.00 (Malmö/Stockholm time)

We are organizing our first (virtual) cryptoparty event and it is about privacy! We are using our phones every day, every hour… and maybe even every 10 minutes – who is counting?

The number of connected services and devices that we access through our phones has increased a lot over the years. A majority of applications we are using are free of charge – but are they really? It’s true, we might not have to pay in money but we do pay: in the data that we are feeding our phones and applications with.

If you start to think about it, there are just a handful of big tech companies that own the majority of social media applications and services, and collect, store, sell and use data about you, your device(s), activities, relationships, geo-locations, your liking’s and dis-liking’s and so much more. Isn’t that a little concerning?

Or maybe even… really concerning? But what alternatives do we have?

During this event, we want to scratch on the topic of privacy and taking back control over your data. This is not about you having to quit the internet! Instead, we will talk about choices you can make for software that does value your privacy and does not collect personal and sensitive information: software that is transparent and open in what it does.

Since this is a big topic, we want to focus on messenger apps: Our goal is to provide you with the resources to navigate the available choices so that you can make an informed decision to communicate through apps that fit your personal privacy-requirements.

This event and our conversation is about raising awareness. There is no prior knowledge needed, there is no question that shouldn’t be asked. We welcome anyone that wants to know more, knows already something or can contribute to the discussion by sharing their own experiences and knowledge.

You are welcome to participate online. Please register at or contact us via other channels to receive the link to the video chat.