Critical tech - Christmas mingle - looking forward to 2018

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Where: Foo Cafe, sign-up via

When: Fri 08 Dec 2017 at 17.45 (Malmö/Stockholm time)

A year ago we started critical tech by putting our heads together and identifying topics we would like to learn more about. In December 2016, we clustered topics such as AI, VR, ML, biometrics, online victimisation, flow-based programming.

We managed to cover most of the topics and beyond, we had speakers sharing their knowledge about different areas of ML (financial, ML applications and the GDPR, self-driving cars), we had talks and workshops on IoTs and our digital footprint, as well as IoT security. We covered biometrics and had someone from the industry there to tell as a bit more about Palm Security as a biometric identifier. And along this, we had some parts of these talks accompanied by a socio perspective, talking about societal acceptance of new technologies, critical aspects such as becoming a victim online.

We are very thankful for all these great talks that were only possible by our amazing speakers and the great participants that showed interest, curiosity and took that time to learn but also share their knowledge.

On the 8th of December we would like to wrap up the year by sharing our highlights from 2017 and look towards 2018. We have some organisational changes within the meetup to announce.

In this meetup you are welcome to share your biggest Critical tech aha-moment 2017 but also suggest topics you would like to dive deeper into during 2018.

If you want, you could even have a (spontaneous) lightening talk. The lightning talk format is maximum 5 minutes.


17:45 - 18:00 Meet and greet

18:00 - 18:45 Lightning talks 18:45 - 19:30 Pizza break

19:30 - 20:00 Critical tech 2018, looking forward


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