Arduino workshop with flow-based programming for IoT

Where: Foo Cafe, sign-up via

When: Wed 15 Feb 2017 at 17.30 (Malmö/Stockholm time)

Join us for a workshop in learning how to wire up and program Arduino in an easy and fun way. We will carry out a few fun exercises for example: reading your body temperature and sending a tweet if it goes too high. The programming method we will use will be based on Flow Based Programming using Node-Red. We will provide all the required hardware. Everyone will get a Arduino kit to practice with during the workshop. You bring your laptop and your curiosity!

In order to save time during the event, we would really appreciate it if you download and install the required software before you arrive: Node.js 6

Here are some youtube videos you can watch beforehand:

Node-RED introduction

Wiring the Internet of Things with Node-RED

Outline of this event:

17.30 to 17.45 - Meet & Mingle with beer & drinks

17.45 to 18.00 - Introduction

18.00 to 19.30/20 - workshop

Accompanied by pizza & beer

Please only RSVP if you can make it 100%, it is essential for the workshop to know how many are participating to calculate the hardware!


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