About Critical Tech

At Critical Tech meetups we gather together to exchange knowledge, offer lectures and workshops, and educate ourselves and each other on various data- and technology-related subjects.

Our aim is to shed light on the importance of a responsible and ethical data-driven society, and to practice a self-aware and critical voice, which can positively influence the current engine of change.

We are actively looking for speakers and contributors with expertise in complementing fields – get in touch with us to get involved in our events!

Our pillars:

Cyber-Criminology, Cyber-Security by Diana

Self-Determined, Free and Open Use of Technology by Hanno

Cyber Criminology & Security :: Exploring different forms of cybercrime and antisocial/ harmful behavior online. We use technologies such as the Internet ubiquitous in our daily lives, some with good intentions, others with intentions to inflict harm. With a cyber-criminological approach, we will look at multiple factors to explain anti-social behaviour online. This could include a typology of cybercriminals and their intentions, modus operandi and victimology. With this knowledge, we can start to understand certain crimes and develop best practices to combat them and develop preventive measurements. We want to encourage critical thinking towards technology when looking at these phenomena from a socio-technological perspective and challenge the question: Is the human really the weakest link in cyber security? #knowledgesharing #userawareness #usinginsecuretech #usingbiasedalgorithm #darknet

Self-Determined, Free and Open Use of Technology :: Whether we feel eager to or pressed to, we sense the need to quickly adapt new technologies and introduce them in an increasing number of areas of our personal and professional lives. But who actually owns and controls these devices and gadgets that surround us? What data is collected, where is it sent to and who has access? Some answers are hinted at in end-user license agreements and terms-of-service that we are required to sign off. But are these able to establish sufficient trust that we build all our personal, professional and social infrastructure around services created for surveillance and manipulation of our behavior? Another world is not only thinkable but already exists almost in parallel: one where we are not mere consumers but in control of our own infrastructure and data. Free and open-source software and hardware respect our freedoms to study, use, tinker with and share technology. Creative Commons licenses ensure open access to knowledge. And decentralized services build upon open protocols allow communities to gather in self-catered spaces that respect their needs and culture while staying connected with the rest of cyberspace. #openaccess #foss #copyleft #privacy #sharingiscaring #fediverse